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With PEschool everyone in school can enjoy a PE planning resource full of National Curriculum linked activities. Our carefully constructed lesson plans are easy to follow, with differentiation and progressions throughout giving your teaching staff the confidence to deliver high quality lessons in all sports. Our plans are designed to keep all children fully involved in the learning process by being engaged and challenged in a fun way.

Using PEschool is easy, you tell us the national curriculum level your children are working at, the sport you wish to teach and our unique resource will then create a comprehensive lesson plan you can teach with confidence, safe in the knowledge that every activity will allow the children to learn and develop.

What’s more each plan or unit of work is fully editable allowing you to tailor your lessons to suit the individual needs of your children. That’s not all, our unique resource will also create teacher and pupil assessment for learning to compliment all lesson plans or units of work.


  • 1 Form Entry Schools - £175 + VAT.
  • 2 Form Entry Schools - £350 + VAT.
  • 3 Form Entry Schools - £525 + VAT.
  • For mixed form entry schools, please contact Matthew on 01535 649 403.

We are committed to what we do, constantly updating our resource, adding new sports and topics as well as further developing our existing content to provide you with the complete PE resource.

Ring us on 01535 649 403 or email matt@peplanning.org.uk for more information

With PEPlanning on board, planning and teaching PE will never be the same again.

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